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Whether you’re an experienced hunter or just getting into the sport, choosing hunting clothing can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Or at least as a female I found this to be true. There are so many brands, styles, camo patterns and seasonal adds that it can be difficult to know where to start, which is why I like to dumb it down and focus on the basics. While this may sound like a no brainer to some, I find it helpful to keep these 4 things in mind whenever I’m purchasing hunting clothing.

  1. Cost — Can I justify this expense? If it is an expensive item I think of it as an investment piece and this is when durability and utility are very important factors. If is it a cheaper item, I may be satisfied with adding it to my collection just to help diversify my wardrobe. Typically, if the item is under $15 I will be happy to get use of it for an entire season, knowing more than likely I’ll need to replace it eventually. If the item is on sale, I like to ask myself: would I still buy it even if it was full price? If the answer is no, I generally put it back.

  2. Fit / Style — Does it fit my body correctly? Do I have ease of moment? Will I be comfortable for hours outside doing whatever it is I’m doing? Do I feel good and confident in myself while wearing this piece of clothing? In the dressing room, I will often imitate drawing my bow, shouldering my gun, do squats or mimic climbing a tree stand to make sure I feel comfortable.

  3. Durability — What is the item made of? How does the stitching looking? Does this item look like it will withstand the elements I will be using it for?

  4. Utility — What am I planning to use this item for? How many seasons can this item be used? Is it good for all types of hunting or is there a specific season this item will be used for? How often I plan on wearing or using an item will determine how much money I’m willing to invest in the piece. I don’t mind spending more on something like shoes, which I know can make or break a hunt since they will get a lot of use and will be worn all throughout the year.

These 4 categories can many times keep me from purchasing an item or solidify my buying decision. Not all categories are created equally and can vary in importance depending on the item. However, they always work together to help me find the best hunting clothing options no matter what the situation.


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