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Best Light Weight Women's Camo

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

If you're like me you live it a state or area where it's still hot well into October, which means I'm still rockin' my light weight camo when some areas are being dumped with snow. I'm also pretty picky when it comes to my hunting clothing and gear mainly because I'm so hard on it. I expect it to last. It's meant to be used and put to the test. I choose the gear I do because it can withstand the elements I do in the outdoors AND keep me comfortable. Not a lot to ask right? HA! It's harder to find than most realize. I'm not going to tip toe around and treat my hunting clothing / gear the same way I would that expensive cashmere sweater I have hanging in my closet for special occasions. So when I really love something I feel like I should share it with you, which is why I'm talking about my favorite light weight hunting camo: SHE Outdoor Element top and pants. I've hunted in it for yearsssss and absolutely love it, which is why I continue to wear it year after year.

Here's are the key reasons why I love it:





Fits true to size

Stretchy & Comfortable

And affordable!

These pieces are also actually made for a female's figure and body type which is amazing!!! Watch my YouTube video for a better look at the pieces and some other features I love.

These pieces can be worn in a variety of settings, hunting all kinds of wild game and styled multiple ways. As shown below. :)

Shop this look:

Element Top HERE

Element Pant HERE

I hope this is helpful for some of you ladies who maybe new to hunting or even have been hunting for a while.

Truly appreciate you stopping by.



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