• Courtney

Flannel Fest 2017

Is it possible to have too much flannel? Ummm...NO! Fall is in the air and that means flannel weather is officially here! YAY YAY YAY! So in an attempt to be goofy I put on every piece of flannel I have at one time....which kind of makes me look like crazy person but who cares...if you can't laugh at yourself than you're doing something wrong in life. And below I showcase each piece individually to show you all the different looks I was able to make from these key pieces. There's soooo much diversity and I love it!

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So this particular color featured above is no longer available (although if you're lucky you might find it hanging on a rack at your local Bass Pro Shops) but the fit of this flannel is what makes it so great and there are lots of other color options to choose from!

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This is turning out to be one of my all time FAVORITE tops/dresses even though its technically categorized as sleepwear. It's versatility is what makes this flannel soooo amazing!

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This flannel vest is perfect for soooo many occasions! It looks great belted or open.

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Second favorite right here...I'm a sucker for anything teal and this plaid is the perfect shade of teal for a feminine flannel that stands out in the crowd against the typical navy/red.

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Say hello to your new favorite trucker hat and comfy fur lined boots. Just in time for those cooler winter months!

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It's clearly not fall or winter without a blanket scarf or boots with fur. And both of these are the pinnacle of warmth and softness!

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For the woman who dares to wear white after Labor Day, this is the perfect plaid to transition those whites into fall.

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These are easily turning into my favorite pair of lounging around the house pj pants. They have POCKETS, which is amazing and they are super comfy and warm!

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And there's no need to fight over these amazing flannels (pun intended toward the image above). #punny Bass Pro Shops has all your flannel needs this season: men, women and kids! And they are having their annual Flannel Fest SALE going on NOW until November 5th!!!

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I hope this helps you all stay warm, cozy and flannel festive this fall! :)