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Born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, I grew up ingrained in the outdoors and loved every minute of it. Although I didn't start hunting until after college, I did get my first fishing pole and water skis at the age of three. I moved to North Carolina with my mom in the first grade and we moved all over the eastern part of the state, living in seven different cities throughout my elementary to college years.  Each summer and Christmas break I would head back home to Arkansas to see my dad and that side of my family.  Growing up splitting my time between two states and traveling seemed normal to me.  Now, I realize it was preparing me for what I was destined to do. 

I have a passion for the outdoors, adventure and conservation. For me it is not so much about the kill as it is the experience and helping educate others, including anti-hunters, about the ethics and hard work involved in hunting.

I consider myself a hard worker when hunting. I have also always had a desire to help educate women on how to be comfortable in the outdoors, which is why I decided to make my Instagram account public and use it to spread my story. I found that hunting and the outdoors are where I can truly help and connect with others by sharing the knowledge and failures I have gained through my experiences.


Featured on:
Fox and Friends
Fox News
Colion Noir and NRA TV
Bass Pro Shops
McMillan Stocks

Turning my passion into a career, I've been blessed to join forces and work with companies such as Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's, SHE Outdoor, Volquartsen Firearms, Beretta, Federal Ammunition, SilencerCo, Walkers, Stealth Cam and more.


Apparel and product development are very important to me as I feel your gear 100% impacts your experience in the outdoors. I've been fortunate to participate in many catalog photo shoots, even landing the cover; as well as attend trade shows and events doing special appearances and seminars.   I have been featured in national commercials for Bass Pro Shops and participated in a LIVE hunting segment on Fox and Friends on Fox News.


Follow along with me on my adventures and learn how beautiful this world we live in truly is!

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Whatever's in season, I just love the outdoors. 

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